Middle Eastern Music #1 – Update 2015.

Middle Eastern Music Podcast.

Pray for peace in the middle-east, and remember that Arabs, Jews, and Persians are all middle-easterners and

all belong there, each has a home there. This podcast has music from all three, the Arabic Countries, Iran, Iraq, and Israel and Yemen. I won’t separate them as so many online have done. And also note: I have included Central Asian, and African, music in the middle-east folders, and this podcast has some those, as well. Our best at a connoisseur’s choice of music from those areas, a mix of old and new, and the best we could find in finite time for the collection. 1:05:38.

The Playlist:

1. Galbi2  3:13.

2. Im Nin Alu (version 2008) 3:05.

3. Rai Music  3:14.

4. Galbi alt. mix1 (excerpt)  3:05.

5. Arpca Dansoz Melek Kader  3:23.

6. Galbi alt. mix2  3:28.

7. The Gondola  4:32.

8. Azouiegh Illougan  6:52.

9. Three Last Words  8:34.

10. Baladna  6:53.

11. Whirling (Hu Allah) 9:03.

12. Eshebo  4:07.

13. Gol Khagazi  4:47.

 Total Time: 1:05:37.


Jone Dae.   🙂

 This show is dedicated to the memory of Ofra Haza (Hebrew: עפרה חזה‎, Arabic: عوفرة حازة‎; November 19, 1957 – February 23, 2000).  She an Israeli-Yemenite singer, actress and international recording artist. Her voice has been described as a “tender” mezzo-soprano.  Inspired by a love of her Yemenite and Hebrew culture, her music quickly spread to a wider Middle Eastern audience, somehow bridging the divide between Israel and the Arab countries. Her career started in 1983 when she came second in the Eurovision Song Contest. She released 16 gold and platinum albums. She was born 19 November 1957 in Tel Aviv, Israel and died 23 February 2000 in Ramat Gan, Israel of an AIDS related illness.  

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