Jazz Podcast #3 Update.

A variety of jazz artists, some old, some new. Enjoy!


1. Wavy Gravy, 5:41.
2. Something To Remember You By, 7:16.
3. You And The Night And The Music, 2:27.
4. I’ve Got The World On A String, 2:14.
5. Body And Soul, 10:25.
6. Rush Hour. 5:18.
7. Longing, 1:17.
8. Free Day, 5:28.
9. Aha, 5:50.
10. Corner Pocket, 5:44.
11. The Vision, 5:35.
12. Glad Rag Doll, 4:30.

 Total Time, 1:08:32.

Since WordPress is having so much trouble showing you the tags, I’ll repeat them here: Diane Krall, Dr. Jone Dae, Freebox, Freedom, Jazz, Keith Jarrett, Kenny Burrell, Mel Torme’, Victor Wooten, Weather Report, Yellowjackets.

Jone Dae.

6 thoughts on “Jazz Podcast #3 Update.

  1. ……….I see them now. In faint grey color!!! WordPress, really is a mess. My apologies for that! I do add the name of the performing artist for each cut of each podcast!!!!!!!!


  2. Love it! This is what I listen to on low volume while on the computer at work. I find it relaxing but it also keeps me awake and happy with life. Some of your list I’ve heard of, some not.

    Thanks for sharing!

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