Journey To Asia!

JourneytoAsia19apr14 redux 29apr14.

This is for you who have been waiting for some Asian music.
Our journey starts on the Mississippi, though, here in the U.S. of A. Next stop
is Paris… Paris, Texas that is.

Then South America, and then finally India. Yes, Indian music is Asian music!

Five cuts all have either Ry Cooder, V.M. Bhatt, or both playing on them.

Then back to East India by way of Indonesia.  The Jade Princess features Bela Fleck on Banjo, in the trio Tabula Rasa.


1. Skippin’ In The Mississippi Dew, 2:59.
2. Lauren’s Walking, 4:17.
3. Paris, Texas, 2:58.
4. Lowest Pair, 0:45.
5. Camino De Amor, 2:48.
6. A Meeting By The River, track 3, 9:59.
7. Meeting By The River (Grammy winner), 9:35.
8. The Jade Princess, 2:58.
9. Pan Padauk Toe Kyway Yar Myae, 4:46.
10. Reumbeuy Bandung, 4:41.
11. Sangkala, 6:37.
12. Flute Bansuri, 6:42.

Total Time: 59:47.


Let me know when you’re back – and I expect some postcards or instagrams!