Celtic Music #2

Fifty Minutes of just Celtic Music, no talk and no commercials. All these shows are all music, no talk.

The historical Celtic peoples lived in Europe, as well as the British Isles; today though the term Celtic usually means the historical Celts

of the British Isles. Here, I’m using it to mean 20th century bands playing traditional and original music, of Celtic roots. Also, Alan Stivell

is Breton, which is across the Channel from England.

One of my best shows so far, do enjoy this one. The ‘like’ button is at the bottom of every post.

http://yourlisten.com/jae.kamel/the-wind-that-shakes-the-barley   (click on the link to listen)


1. The Wind That Shakes The Barley, 2:50.
2. Lots Of Drops Of Brandy, 3:44.
3. Let No Man Steal Your Thyme, 2:43.4. Sovay, 5:24.
5. She Moves Through The Fair, 4:13.
6. Everlasting Sea, 3:33.
7. May Morning Dew, 3:26.
8. Her Scattered Gold, 3:15.
9. When The Music Starts To Play, 2:40.
10. The Woodcutter’s Song, 4:04.
11. Sally Free And Easy, 3:21.
12. Guinevere, 3:47.
13. Port London Early, 3:56.
14. Health To The Company, 3:03.

Total Time:  50:56.


St. Brigit.