American Folk Music.

This show is a celebration for the 4th of July, and for summer.

A long show, this one is some of my best work. Feel free to ‘like’ this – there is a ‘like’ button at the end of every post – and to comment or request a show. An hour and a half of the best American Folk Music.

Someone asked, “doesn’t she know any regular, normal American Music??” … Every artist on this list is American, and every song is American Folk Music. You, my dear listeners, can decide if it’s ‘normal’ or not, or if that even  matters.
Jazz musician Louis Armstrong and blues musician Big Bill Broonzy have both been  attributed with the remark, “All music is folk music. I ain’t never heard a  horse sing a song.”


1. After Midnight, 4:48.
2. Any Time, 4:00.
3. Skippin’ In The Missippi Dew, 2:24.
4. J’ai Deux Amours, 3:16.
5. Roll Along Kentucky Moon, 3:05.
6. Always, 2:53.
7. Pretty Baby, 2:54.
8. Don’t Cry Baby, 3:15.
9. Pacheco, 8:16.
10. Long Gone Lonesome Blues, 2:37.
11. Noche Sin Estrellas, 2:40.
12. Coquette mix #1 (1946), 3:49.
13. Spanish Pipedream, 2:41.
14. My Walking Stick, 3:34.
15. Flambee Montalbanese, 2:59.
16. Red River Blues (1924), 2:59.
17. Your Flag Decal, 2:54.
18. End Of Love, 3:57.
19. Illegal Smile, 3:13.
20. So Relax, 2:30.
21. Pretty Polly (trad.), 2:25.
22. Range, 2:59.
22. Champagne Charlie, 2:56.
23. Careless Love, 3:09.
24. Long Hot Summer Day, 4:48.
25. Crazy, 4:48.
26. The Lowest Pair, 0:45.

Total Time, 1:32:25.

Hint: say “The Lowest Pair” with a thick southern accent.




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  1. You have given us a unique and fresh collection of American Folk Music. That’s such a big category, 100s of music shows could be made on that theme with no cuts repeated. I appreciate the research you put into the titles, tags, shows, and this blog, thank you Jone. -Call me.


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