Balkan Folk Music Podcast #1

This is the first Balkan Folk Music Podcast for you. Since some of my listeners will be Folk Dancers, I have avoided the songs & specific recordings for those songs which are usually used for the dances. However, there are alternate versions of some of the dance songs, and, where the technical quality of the song was high enough, the ones we dance to are also in the show. This will be the pattern for the Balkan Folk Music Shows to come.

Later, there will be liner notes about the performers, the performances, and etc. info about the recordings.


1. Mari Marijko Karagkozlijko, Roza Bancheva, 7:08.
2. Gankino Horo, Bulgaria, 2:56.
3. Lepa Jano, Olga Borissova, 4:07.
4. Trgnala Rumjana, 3:37.
5. Narodna Kolo Serbia, 3:41.
6. Sednal Mi Beshe Manolcho, Nedjalka Keranova, 5:49.
7. Dva Shopski Dueta, 2:41.
8. Maljansko Kolo, 2:46.
9. Nanourisma(Go to sleep, my child), Dora Stratou, 2:21.
10. Arcanul Batrinesc, Romia Moldavia, 3:07.
11. Chetvorno Horo, West Bulgaria, 2:35.
12. Hi To Go Yano, Pirin Folklore Bulgaria, 1:42.
13. Izruchana, 3:19.
14. Polegnala E Todoro, 3;37.
15. Isu Byala Nedo, 3:49.
16. Dance of Kosovo, 5:12.
17. I Was Sitting, Nedialka Keranova, 5:54.
18. Gergelytanc, Serbia, 1:29.
19. Ina Ina, 3:15.
20. Katerino Mome, The Pirin Ensemble, 3:43.
21. Dospatsko Horo (Rodopsko), 3:11.

Total Time, 1:18:23.


Please e-mail or comment here if there are any problems with the player or host.


Jone Dae