News, Thursday, 30jul14.

24jul14:Friends and Listeners, I will be changing the Theme of my website to make the tags more easily visible to you. The site may be down for a while.  My apologies for any inconvenience this may cause you. The current theme, Crafty, does not show the tags as it said that it would. Some of you have written to me asking for the names of the performing artists, and I have told you, they are always in the tags.  I’m working to fix that today.


29jul14: So, I’m using the “Stay” theme now. Let me know if it is better for you.

30jul14:Update: You’ve asked abouth the big space above the post, and the smaller space below each one. The big space above the post is caused by the “Stay” Theme itself; I may change this again. The space below each post is to distance the  post from the ads with videos, which WordPress inserts into our posts. The ad appears far enough below that post that it no longer distracts from it.

Trying the “Motif” Theme today, let me know if you like it better.