Gurdjieff Music Show I, 14aug14.

Gurdjieff Music Show I, 14aug14.

This show is music composed and arranged by Georges Gurdjieff and Thomas De Hartmann, except as noted.

This is the first show of Gurdjieff’s music, music which he collected from all over the world, and set to music with the help and collaboration of De Hartmann. Note that, he did that during the years 1880-1930, and so, that means that as he traveled all over Asia and the Middle-East, he collected all those songs, dances, and melodies in his head, and recalled them for De Hartmann the same way. People today have devolved relative to the past, and can no longer do what he did.

Gurdjieff Music #1 by Dr. Jone Dae on Mixcloud


 1. Four Prophets, 5:52.
 2. Iraniranumange, 1:38.
 3. Sayyid Dance, 2:52.
 4. Luch Torvenya, 4:01.
 5. Dervish, 7:13.
 6. Reading Of Sacred Books, 8:20.
 7. Easter Hymn, 5:51.
 8. Nr. 11 (period instruments), 4:30.  
 9. Multiplication #15, 5:52. (increase amp and freq)
 10. Sayid Nr. 10 (original), 4:31.
 11. Movements by Jeanne de Salzmann Part 6, 6:15.
 12. Essene Hymn, 5:10.
 Total Time, 1:08:08.

All of the music in this show was composed by G.I. Gurdjieff and Thomas
DeHartmann, together. The pieces were arranged by De Hartmann, and played by
him or the men and women listed here. Aran Enfi performed his own arrangements of the music.






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