Girl Bands. 22aug14.

The 1980s were a big time for All Girl Bands, and Girl-Fronted Bands. The Women’s Liberation Movement unfolded and thrived in music, including popular music.

This is another show in that tradition. Girl Bands, and Girl -Fronted Bands, as well the bands of those women who grew out of being girls. Enjoy this old-and-new show. Show is, in modern terms, women vocalists and their accompanists, groups, or bands; few are “all girl” anymore. Some Runaways music is featured in this show, one of the first and best all-girl bands, who started performing onstage in their teens.



Girl Bands by Dr. Jone Dae on Mixcloud



1. Sonnets Unrealities XI, 1:59.
2. Walk Straight Down The Middle, 3:44.
3. Work (extended mix), 5:22.
4. Time To Leave, 3:51.
5. Cherry Bomb, 2:19.
6. No Way, 2:00.
7. Wish You Were Here, 4:20.
8. Play Dead, 3:57.
9. Baby, Oh No, 3:14.
10. I Want Candy, 2:47.
11. State Fair, 3:11.
12. She’s Cuckoo, 6:23.
13. Simoom, 3:43.
14. My Lovin’ You’re Never Gonna Get It, 4:40.
15. Tu As Tout Prevu, 2:39.
16. Pas Avec Toi, 2:58.
17. Desired Constellation, 4:55.  
18. Watching You Without Me, 4:07.
19. Caramel, 2:56.
20. May Fly, 2:38.
21. Crystalline, 6:38.
22. Beatrix, 3:11.
23. Kool Kat Walk, 6:23.
24. Language, 3:57.
25. Straight Lines, 3:47.
26. In The Eye, 4:15.
27. You Don’t Own Me, 2:24.
28. Mr. Driver, 2:16.
29. Peek-A-Boo (Silver Dollar Mix), 9:59.
30. Cicely, 3:27.
31. Magician, 1:55.

Total Time: 1:59:24. 

.Note that, the Silver Dollar Mix of Peek-A-Boo on this show is mono, since it is
from the 12″ Maxi disc. It is 10 minutes long.  The Silver Dollar Mix in stereo
online, for example, on you tube, is only 8:15. This is the best of the mixes of






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    • That show does rock. Glad you liked it.
      A few days ago, I listened to the “music for religious holidays”, where I hid a Best Of Siouxsie Sioux Show. It was most excellent. So, you might like that one as well.


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