Johannes Brahms, 7 fantasies Op. 116.

Johannes Brahms, 7 fantasies Op. 116, performed by Mr. Richard Goode.

I compared three recordings (or more) of this work, before picking Mr. Goode. My favorite is Mr. Sviatoslav Richter; Mr.Goode is a very close second. However, Mr. Emil Gilels performance of it is very good also, worth a listen, assuming you like Brahms piano works. 

Perhaps the other Brahms piano works I’ve selected will all be performed by Richter, unless you listeners request a different one. 

Johannes Brahms, 7 fantasies Op. 116. by Dr. Jone Dae on Mixcloud


No. 1: Capriccio in D minor, 2:16.
No. 2: Intermezzo in A minor. 3:35.
No. 3: Capriccio in G minor, 3:04.
No. 4: Intermezzo in E major, 4:42.
No. 5: Intermezzo in E minor, 3:01.
No. 6: Intermezzo in E major, 3:12.
No. 7: Capriccio in D minor, 2:17.

Total Time: 22:05.


If you want to also compare a different performance of this work, here is the video of Sviatoslav Richter playing Nos. 3, 5, 6, and 7 before a live audience.




note: the music is my podcasts is never the same as other copies of the same pieces of music you might find online, since I arrange and process each and every sound file, and, remaster many of them as well.