My podcast host site….. Update 7feb15.

  Hello my loyal and absolutely fabulous listeners and fans!! 

Some of you have said that you were having trouble with , which  is one of my podcast host sites. I usually try to refresh the page once, sometimes twice, and then the show starts playing, as usual. However, the sound file will sometimes still not play, for example, if you are on a public computer or a remote desktop computer or server; and it is worse on public computers which block sites, that is, public libraries. The shows will also not load on a cafe’ or other wi-fi network which is not HQ. Some of those have long delays and time-outs, and the shows need large buffers, RAM, and a steady connection to work well.

   Please do continue to let me know if any of the shows aren’t playing for you. Each host is different. I will move any show that isn’t playing for you, onto the newest host site, . So far, all the shows hosted there have played perfectly.

   Also I configure all my shows to play for free, and to be downloadable for free; if anything besides that happens to you, please do let me know.

Update: Dropbox has changed the way that files in a Public folder there work. Links to files there don’t show a media player, and don’t start playing automatically. They used to, but Dropbox has changed all that. Microsloth made a similar change when it changed the storage area from Skydrive to Onedrive.

So, I have started moving the ones which don’t link you to the player, to the new host site, The first one is The Prayer: .