Journey Into Deep Space #3 – edit2

Journey To Deep Space #3.

Edited October 11, 2016.

Re-edited January 4, 2017.



1. Whistler 2, 1430z, 06jun05, Inyo, 0:06.

2. Music From the Galaxies, 3:18.
3. Sidereal Breath, 11:04.
4. One Brain, 4:29.
5. Give Space A Trance (Chance III), 3:30.
6. Seven Heavens, 12:15.
7. Fish Rock Rd Whistlers 02apr94, 2:07.
8. North Death Valley Whistler Compilation, 23april02, 0:29.
9. Harmony Angel, 5:40.
10. Meltwater, 9:19.
11. Orbital Mind, 3:16.
12. Secret Location, 9:51.
13. Sojourners In Transit, 13:09.  
14. Star Light, 4:42.
15. Whistler 23mar06 Ov Gsc 1230 UT, 0:13.
16. Stwhi4, 0:13.
17. Abnosew, 0:13.
18. Dv032700,  0:19.
20. Near Earth Objects, 4:03.
21. Abrisrs5, 0:35.
22. Kingdom Come Ambient, 26:48.
23. From The Earth To The Ceiling, 15:00.
24. Veil of Thoughts, 3:38.
25. Legend Of A Mind (Timothy Leary’s Dead) – 1968, 6:40.
26. Quantum Mechanic, 5:02.
27. Beyond The Zero, 9:10.
27. Plasma Waves, 5:40.
28. Principia Universali, 2:00.

Total Time: 2:53:50.


Notes about Sferics (atmospheric sounds), “Whistlers” and similar sounds:

1. Around 1900, Nikola Tesla theorized that ELF and VLF radiation could enter the magnetosphere, the magnetic field in space around the earth, and change its structure. He has recently been proven right. The magnetosphere and its Van Allen belts of trapped particles produce many kinds of EMR. Since they were initially studied through audio amplifiers, the first kinds to be discovered, around 1920, were given fanciful names like whistlers, dawn chorus, and lion roars. Many of them result from VLF waves produced by lightning, which bounce back and forth from pole to pole along “magnetic ducts” in the magnetosphere. This resonance amplifies the original VLF waves enormously. Satellite measurements have proven that artificial energies from power lines are similarly amplified high above the earth, a phenomenon known as power-line harmonic resonance (PLHR). Radio and microwave energy also resonates in the magnetosphere. This amplified energy interacts with the particles in the Van Allen belts, producing heat, light, X-rays, and, most important, a “fallout” of charged particles that serve as nuclei for raindrops.

2.   }A whistler is a very low frequency or VLF electromagnetic (radio) wave generated by lightning. Frequencies of terrestrial whistlers are 1 kHz to 30 kHz, with a maximum amplitude usually at 3 kHz to 5 kHz. Although they are electromagnetic waves, they occur at audio frequencies, and can be converted to audio using a suitable receiver. They are produced by lightning strokes (mostly intracloud and return-path) where the impulse travels along the Earth’s magnetic field lines from one hemisphere to the other. They undergo dispersion of several kHz due to the
slower velocity of the lower frequencies through the plasma environments of the ionosphere and magnetosphere. Thus they are perceived as a descending tone which can last for a few seconds. The study of whistlers categorizes them into Pure Note, Diffuse, 2-Hop, and Echo Train types.

3.      }This is an experimental resource. We hope to maintain the VLF audio stream 24 hours a day with infrequent interruptions for maintenance. However, we can’t guarantee that it will be available all the time. Let us know if you encounter problems. You can hear sferics, tweeks, whistlers and other VLF radio sounds at any time of the day, but the hours around dawn and dusk are generally best. Nighttime is also better than daytime. In Huntsville, AL, where our online receiver is located, dawn happens at about 1200 UT and dusk is ten hours later at 2200 UT.
Please read the Science@NASA story “Earth Songs” to find out what these strange sounds represent.   }click this link to listen to the sounds.

4.   }Welcome to the Realm of Natural VLF Radio Phenomena, “The (very beautiful) Music of the Magnetosphere and Space Weather”. Steve McGeevy’s sound files can now be found here: .

5. Whistling atmospheric or whistler, is an electromagnetic wave in the audible frequency range (300 to 30 000 hertz). Its origin is in lightning discharges, and it is propagated along the magnetic field lines (see Hines). Whistlers are today audible only using an amplifier but in the environment of Solaria Binaria they should have been directly audible.

6. The MP3 audio files (64, 96, 128 and 160 kbps sampling rates) on this CD total to about SEVEN hours of playing time. Nearly all (but a couple) photos of travel, aurora, weather, etc., are my own. Along with the Natural VLF recordings from all over western North America, there are nature recordings using
microphones including lightning storms I’ve been in the midst of – from the Boreal Forests of the Far North to the desert south-west, some local musical activities, I have fun here in the Realm of Inyo, and trains in the night I recorded traveling on-the-road. These “EXTRA” MP3-file recordings can be found
in under the “Auroral Chorus III” album-folders and also in separate folders. A few hi-res .WAV files are on this CD-R as well, mainly in the ‘Auroral Chorus II’album folder and Auroral Chorus III, Disc2 folder. -Steve McGreevy.


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