Ambient Space Voyage IV

Ambient Space Voyage IV. November 26, 2015.



1. Mercury Rising, 5:08.
2. White Lightning, 10:13.
3. Rapture Of Concealment, 7:29.
4. Unknown Waters, 5:48.
5. Platonic Placids, 7:25.
6. Mes, 5:50.  
7. Low Of Vibration, 11:13.
8. Flow, Form & Spiral, 6:49.
9. Quietly Burning, 8:11.
10. Rapture Of Ornament, 6:05.
11. Musica Ricercata IV, 2:16.
12. The Eyes Of Malena, 8:32.
13. Musica Ricercata II, 4:18.
14. Cathe´drales De Myste`re (excerpt), 5:39.
15. Elapse, 6:44.
16. Lost In Space, 5:36.
17. North Kiva, 9:45.  
18. Contour Of A Forgotten Landscape (excerpt), 6:01.
19. Arabesque 3, 2:40.
20. Frangenti, 5:48.
21. Wreckless, 5:43.
22. Temptara, 4:27.
23. Winter Light, 2:37.  
24. Karmic Light, 17:03.
25. One Thousand Years, 7:50.   
26. Merciless Heropass, 12:01.
27. Ryder Adrift, 2:54.
28. Making It Whistle, 6:11.
28. Welcome Home, 8:19.
29. Low Earth Orbit, 7:23.
30. By Any Other Name, 5:36. (expand stereo)
31. Eternal, 2:35. (check for pops and clicks)
32. Tara, 3:45.

Total Time, 3:34:40.



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1. Welcome Home, by John Serrie, is the soundtrack for the video of the earth shot from the ISS, including lightning and auroras. The station is maintained in orbit between 278 km (173 mi) and 460 km (286 mi) altitude, and travels at an average ground speed of 27,724 km (17,227 mi) per hour, completing 15.7 orbits per day. “It is spectacular. It’s amazing to hold onto the International Space Station, you’re going seventeen and a half thousand miles an hour, and just sort of look down at your feet and 200 miles under your feet, there goes the coast of California and, oops, nine minutes later, there goes New York City as you’re flying over and then on your way to Europe.” -Dan Tani, Astronaut (“In Their Own Words”). The ISS is a joint project between the five participating space agencies, the American NASA, the Russian RKA, the Japanese JAXA, the European ESA, and the Canadian CSA. The whispered voice is that, of course, of Dr. Fiorella Terenzi.

2. Low Earth Orbit, by Grains of Sound, is the official music video of theEuropean Space Agency. The video was compiled and edited by Dr. Paul Phillip Green, using footage provided and authorized by the European Space Agency (ESA) This presentation of the footage represents its first public release in high definition (HD video). The song in this video appears on the album Sine Language – Volume 3 (Under), released April 20, 2010 on AlterCulture Records. Sine Language is a three volume concept album about the transcendent power of music to communicate beyond the barriers of time, space, and culture. Each volume features their hypnotic futuristic sound, both worldly and other-worldly. But each volume of Sine Language explores different styles and intensity levels of this unified vibe. You can buy CD or mp3s at… Grains of Sound and Paul Green would like to extend deep appreciation to the brave and brilliant men and women who worked so hard and traveled so far to bring us this footage.

3. Merciless Heropass, by Insect Politics,  – 1. the title of a talk given by the late J.G.Bennett. The music was made in dedication to him and that talk.  2. In Beelzebub’s Tales Gurdjieff called Time “The Merciless Heropass” and said that the problem with Time was a reason for creation of our Universe. “Thereupon our Endlessness grew deeply thoughtful, for in His divine deliberations He had become clearly aware that if the action of the Heropass should continue to diminish the volume of the Sun Absolute, it would sooner or later bring about the complete destruction of this sole place of His Being… It should be noted that in the Great Universe all phenomena, without exception, wherever they arise and are manifest, are simply successive, lawful ‘fractions’ of some whole phenomenon which has its prime arising on the Most Holy Sun Absolute. In consequence, all cosmic phenomena, wherever they proceed, have an ‘objective’ significance. Time alone has no objective significance, since it is not the result of the fractioning of any definite cosmic phenomenon. Issuing from nothing, but always  blending with everything while remaining self-sufficiently independent, Time alone in the whole of the Universe can be named and extolled as the ‘Ideally Unique Subjective Phenomenon’.”  Gurdjieff specifically rejects the myth of good and evil. He puts in its place a Creation myth in which the very existence of the Universe is subject to overriding and determining conditions which make the complete realisation of the Divine Purpose inherently impossible. The fact of successive actualisation in Time imposes on every process the price of incompleteness and imperfection. This is the Merciless Heropass which “has no source from which its arising should depend, but like ‘Divine-Love’ flows always … independently by itself.”  For Gurdjieff, Time has at once the absolute character of the Scholium to Definition VIII of Newton’s Principia, and also the disruptive tendency of the second Law of Thermodynamics, which according to Eddington “holds the supreme position among the laws of Nature.” In Gurdjieff’s myth the Heropass is vanquished by the infinite wisdom of the Creator, not as an enemy or opposing principle, but rather as an ineluctable fact, the very condition of the possibility of existence. From this follows the Trogoautoegocratic principle, according to which the permanent harmony of the Universe is assured by the reciprocal feeding of everything that exists. I think that this conception was dimly sensed by the authors of the older Upanishads, and in the Serpent myths of many races, but it has never been understood as the sole remedy against the destructive power of Time. In Gurdjieff’s myth, the Universe comes into existence to ensure the perpetual self-renewal of the Most Holy Sun Absolute or First Principle. This conception is so necessary for the understanding of human destiny that Gurdjieff in his final chapter, “From the Author,” translates it into ordinary language. Everything that lives must serve the “all-universal purposes.” Man is not exempt from this necessity, and must, either by his life or by this death, contribute his quota to the transformation of energy upon which the reciprocal maintenance of all existence depends: But at the same time Great Nature has given him the possibility of being not merely a blind tool of the whole of the entire service to these all-universal objective purposes but, while serving Her and actualising what is foreordained for him — which is the lot of every breathing creature — of working at the same time also for himself, for his own egoistic individuality. This possibility was given also for service to the common purpose, owing to the fact that, for the equilibrium of these objective laws, such relatively liberated people are necessary. Although the said liberation is possible, nevertheless whether any particular man has the chance to attain it — this is difficult to say.
4. Contact me if you would like a link to Bennett’s Talk, The Merciless Heropass. It is no longer available on Soundcloud.