Jazz VI July 7 2014 Update.

This is the sixth Jazz music podcast. The first cut is somewhat avant-garde; and some would consider it not really Jazz. Nevertheless, it is a key piece in the show, and prepares you, the listener, for the rest of the pieces which follow it. It is Jazz, but performed by an orchestra, with the xylophone and so on from the original Jazz piece.

A connoisseur’s Jazz show, I hope you’ll agree; and as with the other shows, this one is for your enjoyment, and meant to be SFW, safe to listen to, and enjoy.


A second link is here: http://jonedae.podomatic.com/entry/2014-07-21T11_20_21-07_00 , owing to the problems with the player at the host site. This is a different host, and the player works. 


1. The Girl In The Magnesium Dress III, 6:27.
2. Blessed Relief, 8:00.
3. Freshly Squeezed II, 5:09.
4. Vendome, 3:21.
5. There Is No Greater Love, 5:19.
6. Night Bells, 2:47.
7. Footprints, 9:52.
8. The Sermon, 7:44.
9. The Dream, 3:59.
10. New Shoes, 3:47.
11. There Will Never Be Another You, 4:37.
12. Flamenco Sketches, 9:26.
13. Django, 5:32.
14. Freshly Squeezed III, 3:39.
15. Blues In B Flat, 1:30. 

Total Time,  1:23:00.

Jone Dae