Daybreak Vision. 2017 Edit.

2017 Update: I edited this show this week, and slightly remixed it. I think you’ll like this Edit of it better.


This one has Carlos Nakai on the Amerindian flutes;  some ambient cuts, atmospheric, drone, new age, and minimalist songs as well.

I make these shows spontaneously when I’m at work, for myself to listen to, but, one of my co-workers heard one, the Celtic podcast, and now she wants to know when the new link is up!



So, here’s the playlist for today’s show, called Daybreak Vision.

1. Daybreak Vision, 7:19.

2. Kokopelli Wind, 5:49.

3. Star Chant, 5:30.

4. Into the Desert, 8:34.

5. Síðasti Bærinn, 1:39.

6. Koto Spring, 4:59.

7, Late Night Cab Driving, 9:58.

8. Listen To The Rain, 7:00.

9. Lost In A Moment, 4:46.

10 Lost In Passion, 12:02.

11. Lovesong From The Mountains, 7:57.

12. Miss You, 4:03.

13. If Men Were At Peace, 5:54.

14. Illumination, 10:03.

15. Inner Voices, 8:56.

Time, 1:42:39, and relaxing, comforting, and full of space.