Music for Religious Holidays (2 shows)

Hello Fellow Bloggers. This month we have Easter, Passover, and other religious holidays, and I know that some of you are waiting for a Sacred music podcast.

That will be the next podcast posted here for you.

Until then… I have these 2 new podcasts for you today. This music is meant to make your life easier, by providing you free music to listen to, about an hour average length, on themes you will like and want. Feel free to request any type podcast, Jae and me have every type of music.

This first one is music by Siouxsie Sioux and the Banshees, or Siouxsie Sioux and Creatures. Some of it is live, some EPs, some singles. One is from the famous Peel Sessions, where Siouxsie (and others) made some of her best music.


1. The Passenger (loco-motion mix), 7:58.

2. Pluto Drive, 4:40.

3. Into The Light (Peel 10-2-81), 4:18.

4. Drifter, 4:42.

5. Cuckoo, 4:14.

6. Speeding, 4:20.

7. This Unrest, 6:21.

8. Rawhead & Bloody Bones, 2:27.

9. Melt!, 3:48.

10. Forever, 4:03.

Total time, 47:46.

This second podcast features The Dead Science, an indy experimental band from Seattle; Coil, and indy avant-garde band; and another indy band called Spokane.  These show the other side of life. So that you will know what you’re thanking the Deity for, those of you that are religious.


1. Hiroshima Love Song, 4;25.

2. Threnody, 3:45.

3. Dark River, 6:30.

4. Blood From The Air, 5:31.

5. Emotional Winter, 5:54.

6. Unseeing Eye, 7:04.

7. Child Actress, 6:35.

8. The Lean Year, 3:34.

Total Time, 43:39.