1980s Still Loving You.

Music from the 1980s. Enjoy this sampler of 80s romance, dance music, pop music, and favorites.

I have remixed this show, for your increased listening pleasure. The player should be on this page, sometimes it takes a few more second to show up. I have also left the link to the original show, on yourlisten.com, but you should know that the site has problems. Several panels or screens keep popping-up in front of the podcast page. The original podcast still plays, but the site is not very HQ. I left the link so that you could see the original post and my other posts from the past, which Jae hosted for me. But for listening to, use this new remix.





1. Sunglasses At Night, 5:16.
2. Still Loving You, 6:12.
3. Broken Wings, 5:46.
4. Under The Milky Way, 4:56.
5. Everybody, Everybody, 4:06.
6. Somebody’s Watching Me, 3:54.
7. Nature of Love (Cruelty Mix B), 6:52.
8. Da’ale Da’ale, 3:23.
9. Mercedes Boy (12inch), 6:11.
10. Wish Me Luck (dub version), 4:14.
11. La Isla Bonita (1987), 4:02.
12. Floating, 4:54.
13. The Swan, 2:32.
14. Here Comes The Sun,  3:01.

Total Time, 1:05:59.