Podcast Index.

Podcast Index. Listed in alphabetical order; click on the name of the show you want to hear.

80s Spectacular #2

100th Podcast! Ancient Greek Music Show

1980s Music Show Podcast #5

1980s Spectacular #3

1980s Spectacular #6
1980s Still Loving You

Ambient & Deep House Show

Ambient VII Into Deep Space

Ambient Journey Into Deepspace #2

Ambient Seattle Voyage
Ambient Space Voyage II
Ambient Space Voyage III

Ambient Space Voyage IV

Ambient Space Voyage VI

Ambient Space Voyage X

Ambient Space Voyage XI

Ambient Space Voyage XII

Ambient Space Voyage XIV

Ambient Space Voyage XV

American Folk Music Vol.1

American Folk Music Vol.1 (Peyroux & Redbone)
American Folk Music #2

American Folk Music #3

American Folk Music #4


A new podcast for Spring… Daybreak Vision. 2015 Update!

A Peacetime Podcast

Asian Music #2

Asian Music #3 – Gamelon
Asian Music #4

Asian Music #5

A Spring Ritual… Edited   (Soft As Starlight)
Bach, French Suite #1 in d

Bach, French Suite #2 in c
Bach, French Suite #4 in E-flat

Bach, French Suite #6 in E

Balkan Folk Music Podcast #1

Balkan Folk Music Show Podcast II – edit

Balkan Folk Music Podcast #3

Beethoven 15 Variations and Fugue Op 35

Beethoven Piano Sonata No. 13 in E flat major Op. 27 1 Quasi una fantasia

Beethoven Piano Sonata In f Op.2 Nr.1
Beyond The Sunset
Brazilian Bossa Nova Show

Celtic – St. Patrick’s Day, 2014. Republished August 10, 2014
Celtic Music Show #2

Celtic Music Show IV – Fables & Tales

Celtic Show V – Celtic Faire

Celtic Music Show #6

Classical Relief

Comedy Show Podcast #1
Covers I

Covers II – Jazz
Covers III – edit

Deep Desert Journey

Does Humor Belong In Music?

Does Humor Belong In Music Show, #2
Does Humor Belong In Music? #3 Podcast

Does Humor Belong In Music? #5

Does Humor Belong In Music #6

Does Humor Belong In Classical Music?

Does Humor Belong In Music #8

Dreamtime Music

Environments: The Pier
First dubshow, Freedom’s Waiting, republished

First podcast, Somber Flight, March 9, 2014, republished. 12Feb15 Update

Girl Bands

Girl Bands II

Goth Music Show

Gurdjieff Music Show I
Gurdjieff Music Show II

Gurdjieff Music Show III

Hallowe’en Music Show Podcast

Hindustani Indipop Music!

Hiroshima Love Song

International Folkdance Music Show Podcast October 26, 2014

International Folk Music Show Podcast April 19, 2016

International Folk Music Show III

International Folk Music Show #4

Into Deep Space, Fourth Voyage – edit

Jazz #1 Music Show
Jazz #2

Jazz #3

Jazz #4

Jazz VI

Jazz VII – Summertime

Jazz VIII – Jazz for September

Jazz Music Show Podcast #9
Jazz Buddha #10 ~

Jazz XI – Summertime #2

Jazz Show #13

Jazz Show #14

Jazz Show #15 – Springtime Jazz

Jazz Show #16

Johannes Brahms, 7 fantasies Op. 116

Journey To Asia !

Journey To Deep Space #3 – edit

Journey To Deep Space #5

Journey Into Deepspace #7

Journey Into Deepspace #8

Journey Into Deepspace #9

Journey Into Deepspace # 11

Journey Into Deep Spring

Latin American & Spanish #2

Latin American & Spanish #3

Middle Eastern Music #1

Middle Eastern #2 – Oud

Middle-Eastern & Rai Desert Journey

Middle Eastern Music Show #6

More Springtime Music…

Mozart Divertimento in E flat, KV 166 KV 159d
Music for Religious Holidays…

Musical Voyage For Fall

Musical Voyage For Spring

Night Music Podcast

Podcast #24, “Guinevere”

Poetry Show Podcast

Poetry Show II Podcast
Poetry Show #3: The City
Poetry Show Podcast #4

Poetry Show Podcast #5

Poetry Show Podcast #6

Poetry Show Podcast #7

Poetry Show Podcast #8

Poetry Show Podcast #9

Prisons We Chose To Live Inside

Rainstorms! – update

Remembrance. Podcast #23. Update,

Rai & Middleastern Music Show Podcast

Samhain Storm (reblogged)

Serenade in C Min K388-384a [Nacht Musique]

Serenade in Bb, 3 Adagios, Divertimento in Eb

Shakuhachi, second podcast, March 14, 2014, Republished
Sisters Of Mercy, Peace Music

Spanish & Latin American Guitar Music

Summer Solstice Music

That Sacred music

The Prayer, March 14, 2014; republished August 8, 2014. Update 7feb15

The Return Of The Rai!!

Third Jazz podcast

Today, Music to Cool Down By…

Tres Guitarros Vacation!

Twelve Duos by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Two Mozart Divertimenti For Wind Instruments

Valentine’s Jazz #12

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