Jazz Music Show Podcast #9

Jazz Music Show Podcast #9, Feb. 1st, 2015. 

 Today is the first day of February; my birthday is this month. Today is also Super Bowl Sunday and,  someone that I know and love, will be watching it: he once played for the 49ers, decades ago, and also lettered in sports in high school and college (Menlo College in California). This show is for him, dedicated to him, as the first Jazz Show, Jazz #1 was. 

This is another show for jazz lovers, enjoy. 



1. Song Of The New World (vinyl 1973), 6:46.

2. Autumn In New York, 5:49.

3. Measure Of a Man, 7:35.

4. Nostalgic Lad, 5:26.

5. Tsakwe Royal Blue, 6:13.

6. Love And Paris Rain, 5:06.

7. No Moon At All, 2:39.

8. Now He Sings, Now He Sobs, 7:03.

9. Song Of The Wind, 9:21.

10. Gymnopedie, 3:18.

11. Eleventh Hour, 3:57.

12. It Never Entered My Mind, 6:49.

13. Last Night When We Were Young, 4:54.

14. The Time Of The Barracudas, 7:31.

15. Suite 15, 4:52.

16. Sweet Dulcinea Blue, 6:08.

17. Midnight Blue, 4:02.

18. The Gardens, 3:12.

19. Sacred Place, 4:07.  

Total Time: 1:44:20.

 It is extra work for me to give you the names of the albums; I usually make these at work. Even more work would be involved with giving the names of the personnel for each cut, as they do on some Jazz radio stations. But everyone has pocket toys (i.e. “mobile” wireless devices), and can find out that info much more quickly than I can type it. Still, it is available upon request to me in writing. 


 Here are the lyrics for Rain And Paris Love. That’s Brenda Russell singing with the Yellowjackets.

Brenda Russell – Paris Rain Lyrics

“Slow stroll on a misty night
Hearts soar under Paris lights
And the feeling is strange, as though we’ve been here before
It’s coming to me now

I trip over stepping-stones
That lead to the deep unknown
But here you stand tall as Eiffel’s tower
And every hour I’m deeper into

Love and Paris Rain
I could drown inside this interlude of
Love and Paris Rain
Take me now as I unfold my very soul unto you, my love
(I fall deeper)

And every hour I’m Deeper into

Slow stroll on a misty night
Hearts soar under Paris lights
It’s coming to me now…

Repeat to fade