Poetry Show Podcast #4

Poetry Show Podcast #4, November 15, 2015.


1. To The Film Industry In Crisis, 3:40.
2. The Opening of the Horse Song, Number Eleven (A Total Translation from the
Navajo), 2:10.
3. O Superman (for Massenet), 8:17.
4. Goy Boy, 2:13.
5. X-47-26-36, 0:29.
6. Like That, 2:54.
7. The Missing Dream of Every Iceberg (Track 8), 1:20.
8. You Are My Lucky Star (live), 2:21.
9. The Rev. Hell Gets Confused, 2:22.
10 The Tie, 1:33.
11. Progress, 0:49.
12. The Solar Mass, 2:11.
13. Everything Speaks To Me (live), 2:15.
14. Two Hearts (live), 0:54.
15. It’s Not The Bullet That Kills You, 3:44.
16. You Never Knew Me, 3:25.
17. Dog Shit Bay, 0:39.
Intermission: Segoviana, 2:24.
18. Radii, 2:19.
18. Stuff We’re Not Supposed To Know, 2:49.
19. Rain, 1:37.
20. Casualfornia, 1:48.
21. Pier Of Observation, 1:21.
21. Mayakovsky, 2:54.
22. Three Expediences, 3:02.
23. Mission Control Calling, 1:47.
24. Steven Weed & FBI, 1:06.
25. 25 Years At The Same Spot, 2:44.
26. Born, Never Asked, 4:33.
27. Suicide Sutra, 7:29.
28. Grammar Of Life, 0:23.
29. Calle De Los Virgines, 0:45.
30. Making Petrified Conditions Dance, 2:04.
31. Someone Else’s Dream, 2:26.
32. Night Games, 2:48.
33. After The Revolution, 2:23.
34. The Strongest Of The Strange, 2:07.

Total Time, 1:29:56.



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30. Voices Of The Angels, 1982.
31. From her 1995 album The Ugly One with the Jewels and Other Stories.
32. Voices Of The Angels.
33. English As A Second Language, 1983, produced by Harvey Kubernick on Freeway Records.
34. Bukowski Lives!: Selected poems by Charles Bukowski, 2003.

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A. French theorist Jean Baudrillard (1929–2007) was one of the foremost
intellectual figures of the present age whose work combines philosophy, social
theory, and an idiosyncratic cultural metaphysics that reflects on key events of
phenomena of the epoch. A sharp critic of contemporary society, culture, and
thought, Baudrillard is often seen as a major guru of French postmodern theory,
although he can also be read as a thinker who combines social theory and
philosophy in original and provocative ways and a writer who has developed his
own style and forms of writing. He was an extremely prolific author who has
published over thirty books and commented on some of the most salient cultural
and sociological phenomena of the contemporary era, including the erasure of the
distinctions of gender, race, and class that structured modern societies in a
new postmodern consumer, media, and high tech society; the mutating roles of art
and aesthetics; fundamental changes in politics, culture, and human beings; and
the impact of new media, information, and cybernetic technologies in the
creation of a qualitatively different social order, providing fundamental
mutations of human and social life. For some years a cult figure of postmodern
theory, Baudrillard moved beyond the postmodern discourse from the early 1980s
to the present, and has developed a highly idiosyncratic mode of philosophical
and cultural analysis. This entry focuses on the development of Baudrillard’s
unique modes of thought and how he moved from social theory to postmodern theory
to a provocative type of philosophical analysis.[1] In retrospect, Baudrillard
can be seen a theorist who has traced in original ways the life of signs and
impact of technology on social life, and who has systematically criticized major
modes of modern thought, while developing his own philosophical perspectives.

B. Lyrics to United States by Laurie Anderson are here: http://www.jimdavies.org/
laurie-anderson/lyrics/UnitedStates.txt .