Latin American & Spanish Music Show Podcast #2.

Latin American & Spanish Music Show Podcast #2.

The previous Music Show of Latin American and Spanish Music was called, Spanish & Latin American Guitar Music; this is the second Show of that Theme.

 Let us know if you like this one. Some of you already know that Jae lives in Indy and I live in Ellay; and owing to that, I did expect a much larger interest and following for the previous show. So I tried a little more for you, to make a show you will like; and at 1:22:00, not as long a show. Some of you have remarked that the 2 hour shows are a little long to listen to all at once. At work, I often finish only part of a show before I have to work on something else, and so when I listen to that show again, I start at halfway through. The second half sounds fresher that way. As always, no commercials and no talk, Musique, Non Stop.

Latin American & Spanish #2. 17mar15.


1. Camino De Amor, 2:48.
2. Me Voy, 2:40.
3. Panteonero, 3:00.
4. Zambra, 5:28.
5. La Bayamesa, 2:54.
6. La Luna En Tu Entrada, 4:11.
7. Entre Dos Aguas, 6:05.
8. Salsa De Noche, 3:47.
9.  Todo El Amor, 3:50.
10. Spanish Caravan, 2:56.
11. Seguriya, 2:41.
12. Secret Love, 5:51.
13. Almoraima & Danza Rituel del Fuego, 9:47.
14. Cancion Mixteca, 4:17.
15. Con La Misma Tijera, 2:54.
15. El Raton, 3:45.
16. Guajiras de Lucia, 3:24.
17. Salsa De Noche, 3:48.  
18. Payaso, 3:40.
19. Pharaon, 4:09.

Total Time: 1:22:00.