1980s Spectacular #3.

Hello everyone.

Over the July 4 holiday, I went out to a few coffee shops. One of them, was playing a 1980s marathon, and after I heard a few tunes that were also in my podcasts, I thought, she’s been listening to my shows, since they’re public, online, and known now.

Then I realized that today, July 6, I’d be making the next new podcast music show for you, 1980s Spectacular #3.  And I thought, she just played the top-10 songs, and didn’t really even start to recall what an important decade it was in music, so diverse, so creative, with so many new ideas and styles being tried out. During the 1990s, there was a struggle, but, as we can see from music now in the 21st century, most of the amazing creative surge of the 80s was replaced by “dumbed-down” and more commercial music, which made way for the amazingly bad, awful displays of little or no talent that fill the music and film worlds today. Of course, there are a few exceptions, and I’ll be making a “21st century” show to showcase them soon. But for today, some of the diversity, range, and fun of 1980s popular music and word, and more of the musicianship of that decade too.

A show for those of you who also still love the 1980s, and thanks for the e-mail requests.


1980s Spectacular #3 by Dr. Jone Dae on Mixcloud    }new host and player. works.



1. Time Zones, 5:26.
2. Canned Music, 3:37.
3. People Who Died, 4:59.
4. It Was Up In The Mountains, 2:11.
5. Structuralist Filmaking, 1:08.
6. Upright Man, 3:56.
7. Jam Con ’84, 16:10.
8. Walking In LA, 4:00
9. A White Rabbit, 2:42.
10. C30C60C90Go!, 3:01.
11. Motorcrash, 2:23.
12. Holiday In Cambodia, 3:34.
13. Shock The Monkey, 3:58.
14. It’s A Mistake, 4:33.
15. Experiment IV, 4:22.
16. Ride Like The Wind, 3:54.
17. Faces, 3:48.
18. Bostitch, 4:33.
19. Daily Disco, 4:06.
20. Let’s Dance, 4:09.
21. World In My Eyes, 4:27.
22. Naked To The World, 6:18.
21. The Rhythm Divine, 4:13.
22. Seven Souls (alt. mix2), 7:10
23. Wooden Horse, 5:22.
24. Nightshift (live,De Nieuwe Kade,Tiel,7.7.81), 6:08
25. Into The Light (Peel Sessions, 1981), 4:18.
26. Kool Kat Walk, 6:23.
27. Western Lands (w/Iggy Pop), 6:11.

Total Time, 1:55:12.

As always, all of the artists’ names are in the tags below or to the side, and most of them are in the categories as well. 

Jone loves you too.