Does Humor Belong In Music?

Does Humor Belong In Music?

That was the question asked by Mr. Frank Zappa, and we’re asking it again today.


Humor In Music by Dr. Jone Dae on Mixcloud


1. Step Right Up, 5:43.
2. It’s A Beautiful World, 3:36.
3. Duke Of Prunes, 2:13.
4. A House On Fire, 1:18.
5. Lovely Lady, 3:28.
6. The Ballad Of Spotty Muldoon. 3:55.
7. Clowns & Ballerinas, 4:08.
8. There’s No Business, 4:13.
9. My Favorite Things, 2:40.
10.Overture To A Holiday In Berlin, 1:27.
11.Schleptet for Winds in Eb (S.0), 10:23.
12.Quodlibet for Small Orchestra, 10:01.
13.Cabin On The Hill, 1:11.
14.Don’t Leave Your Records, 2:27.
15.Fudd On The Hill, 3:55.
16.Hanukkah In Santa Monica, 1:48.
17.Madrigal, 1:35.
18.Piece Of Pie, 8:44.
19.Endangered Species (excerpt), 1:44.
20.Rooty Poops, 2:20.
21.Pinball Cha Cha, 3:38.
22.U2, 5:48.
23.Elvis Has Just Left The Building, 2:25.
24.Bogus Pomp, 13:28.
25.Inca Roads, 8:46.
26.Goblin Girl From The Mystery World, 2:40 (excerpt).

Total Time: 1:55:19.








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  1. I am very impressed that you included both Tom Waits and John Hartford. It’s right and fitting that wit and humor be expressed in music just like any other human emotion or expression. Great selection of tunes. More Bonzo Dog Band, please…

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